KTS helps deliver Seattle’s first automated parking system

Kingfisher Technical Solutions has helped deliver Seattle’s first automated parking system in a striking triangular high-rise residential tower near the waterfront.

 The 41-storey Spire building rises 440 feet above the city and incorporates a 266-space Automated Parking System (APS) serving 343 one, two and three-bedroom condominiums.

Nine underground parking levels are served by three transfer cabins positioned at each corner of the building to ensure that the maximum amount of parking could fit into the building footprint. Residents drive their cars into a cabin, exit the vehicle, and start the parking process using a card reader. Their vehicles are then transported to storage spaces by the automated system.

KTS provided technical oversight to the APS development and construction team in two phases.

Phase one involved carrying out a peer review and providing advice on standards and guidelines applicable to automated parking systems, project schedule overviews and project documentation.

The second phase focused on developing a Commissioning Inspection and Test Plan (CITP) and providing advice on the user journey process and long-term maintenance options.

“We were fortunate to visit site and meet with the team several times during construction, and then finally got to see the finished building on a recent visit to Seattle for another project,” said Colin Barksby, Managing Director, Kingfisher Technical Solutions.

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